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Customers Give Beautiful Boxer 4 Stars

Beautiful Boxer is a controversial Thai film released in 2003 about the life of Nong Toom.  The movie is based on the true story biography of Toom who gained fame as a trans-gender kickboxer as well as an actress and model.  Male kickboxer and actor Asanee Suwan took the role of Toom in the drama, focusing primarily on the teenage years when Nong Toom traveled about Thailand and Japan as a monk, working hard in boxing camps and competing in the sport of Muay Thai.  Suwan earned the Thai equivalent of an Oscar for Best Actor in 2004 thanks to his poignant and action-packed performance.  While some controversy surrounded the release of the film due to a few scenes with full frontal male nudity, viewers and customers of the film on DVD have had an overwhelmingly positive response.

Tasteful Depiction of Transsexualism

Nong Toom’s dedication to kick boxing is fueled by the strong desire to earn enough money to pay for a sex change surgery.  In real life, Toom succeeds in this goal after defeating Kyoko Inoue in the ring as part of a high-profile fight.  Toom has the surgery and his parents are punished for his actions.  While Toom’s non-traditional actions landed his parents in prison, the surgery allowed her to become the successful actress and model who lives in Bangkok today.  The ridicule and derision that Toom faced in her childhood was immense, and had to be handled very carefully in the film.  Toom began wearing makeup while boxing and really embraced her feminine identity, despite being born male and succeeding in a male-dominated and dangerous sport.  Viewers felt that the telling of Toom’s story was done with taste and beauty.  They identified with her struggle and heartfelt message.

While the nudity in a few scenes may not be appropriate for all audiences, there are no gratuitously violent or sexual scenes anywhere in the film.  The director did a great job of telling a hard story in a poetic and appealing manner.

Buddhist Influences Can Be Seen in ‘Beautiful Boxer’

Nong Toom spent several years as a Buddhist monk, and viewers often commented on this aspect of the film.  Toom was forced to leave the monastery due to his feminine identity and blossoming attraction towards males.  The idea of karma is woven into the movie, as Toon accepts his journey towards femininity.  The goddess of compassion, Kuan Yin, and the god of compassion, Avalokitashvara, are mentioned as well because of the confusion among Buddist missionaries as to his or her gender.  This is a nice parallel for Toom’s life and personal struggles or confusion.  Customers admire Toom’s courage and strength, which adds a lot to the film quality and depth.

Would You Recommend ‘Beautiful Boxer’ to a Friend?

Most people who watch Beautiful Boxer say that they would recommend it to a friend or family member.  They point out that the film takes a tough and dangerous sport and makes it look graceful.  This is largely in part to Asanee Suwan’s professional kickboxing background.  Viewers find Toon’s story to be touching and relatable, which is why they feel comfortable recommending the movie to others.

Other customers highlight the fact that the movie is unique, well acted, and skillfully produced.  The storyline may not be for everyone, but those who are open-minded will come to love the film and count it among their favorites.  The film was shot at nine separate locations in Thailand, lending the country’s beautiful landscapes and settings to the film itself.  It doesn’t hurt that the cast is full of beautiful actors and actresses who are incredibly fun to watch!

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